This page includes information about Bruce Bernard’s photographs
when they are used in exhibitions, on the web, or in books and magazines.


The Paul G Allen (co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates) sale at Christie’s New York on the 9th and 10th of November 2022 features Bruce Bernard’s photographs of Lucian Freud. He is pictured in front of his painting “Large Interior in W11 (after Watteau), 1981-3 (unfinished)” — it is the first time this photograph has been published since it was taken in 1985. The printed catalogue (556 pages) is very special because this auction will make history. There is a link here to an overview of the sale, and one here to the online catalogue.

“Lucian Freud with ‘Large Interior (after Watteau)’, 1981-3 (unfinished)”. © Estate of Bruce Bernard 


The Gagosian Gallery has a show entitled “Friends and Relations — Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Michael Andrews. Information about the show is at this link. It will be at Grosvenor Hill, London, from November 17, 2022, until January 28, 2023
. In association will be an exhibition of Bruce Bernard’s photographs ‘Portraits of Painters’ — there will be around 30 photographs on show in the upstairs gallery, mostly portraits of these artists, and amongst them will be some newly released posthumously printed images of Lucian Freud, Bella Freud and Celia Paul, taken by Bruce in around 1983 and not exhibited until now. Bruce Bernard said of the Freud, Bella and Celia photographs: “Lucian Freud, who I had known since early youth, offered me the opportunity of beginning what became a set of photographs of him, his studio and models some of which I cannot persuade myself to feel too ashamed of. It all began with my photographing him and his daughter Bella in front of the almost completed painting ‘Large Interior W11 (after Watteau) 1981-3’ and shooting a few informal ones of them both and also the painter Celia Paul larking about a bit in the studio. Lucian was doing something frivolous with Celia Paul’s hair — a picture for which the world is not ready, and perhaps never will be”.

Bella Freud, Celia Paul and Lucian Freud in his studio, circa 1983 © Estate of Bruce Bernard

Virginia Verran has written a piece for Gagosian’s Winter 2022 magazine, which can be read here. It is also reproduced here:


The Bruce Bernard Estate is pleased to announce that nine of Bruce Bernard’s photographs of
Michael Andrews will be shown to accompany the exhibition Michael Andrews | Earth | Air | Water
at Gagosian London, Grosvenor Hill, Mayfair, London, from 20th January until March 25th, 2017.
More information can be found here.

maAbove: Michael Andrews, SAX A.D. 832 – First Painting, 1982.
Oil on acrylic on canvas. 152.5 × 152.5 cm (60 1/8 × 60 1/8 inches).
© The Estate of Michael Andrews. Courtesy James Hyman Gallery,
London and Gagosian. Photo: Lucy Dawkins

Below: Michael Andrews in his studio with his portrait of Bruce Bernard,
circa 1990. Photograph © Estate of Bruce Bernard.

Michael Andrews in his studio with his portrait of Bruce Bernard', circa 1990. Photograph © Estate of Bruce Bernard.